Localize It!

The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs began a campaign, Localize It!, to promote Trinidad & Tobago. I presented a few concepts and they chose not one but two.

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Kira Cares

Kira Cares is a charitable organisation for youngsters in Jamaica. I felt I could contribute by giving them this logo design. It received quite a bit of attention but I was really just trying to help out.



Skatopia is an annual skating event and competition. It was great designing for an urban theme for a change. I got to show some more of my flexibility. I like being versatile and boy they liked this flyer.



Here’s a logo I created for Toucan, a web media production company based in Dubai, pretty popular here as they did work for some known companies here like Republic Bank and Caribbean Airlines.



HVMedia created the Homesick series of ads to appeal to Caribbean folk residing outside their homelands seeking to keep in touch with their roots. This one was displayed in the arrival gates of Trinidad & Tobago’s Piarco International Airport. No photoshop on the model, I brought the camera and the face paint out and went in. Below the ad are shots of it on display. Thanks for those shots Julie!



Hydrocarbon Training Consultants needed a logo. I wanted to give them something very clean. I researched what they they did and decided to go with something that resembles a chemistry diagram. Sure it’s not an actual hydrocarbon construction but the labelling and the way the circles are attached are much like what you would see in a chemistry chart. The logo is here scene against this background as the client needed to see how it would look against on the colour of their coveralls.


bear’s choice

Labels are fun to create, especially cool looking ones. Bear’s Choice pure honey looked really nice on the shelves and stood out when branded with this design. Did I mention I came up with the name for the brand as well? Yeh!



Another eflyer, this time for Russian news. I wish I remember what it said.



I just wanted to give you a bit of a close up of the cake. Most people think the colours were put on at the cake shop. The truth is this was a stock image of a plain cake and I put the Trinidad & Tobago national coloured frosting on in photoshop.


Slice of TNT

I enjoy this kind of work. Give me a tag line and tell me to depict it. The tag line in this case “Take A Slice of TnT with you”. Take this! This was used as a huge billboard near the Piarco Airport.